Saving Grace Homeschool is a leading Online Homeschool

Saving Grace Homeschool provides the British International Aligned Curriculum for KS1 (Reception to Stage 2), KS2 (Stage 3-6), KS3 (Stage 7-9) GCSE.

Online Homeschool offers flexibility as students work at their own pace using our Bristish International Curriculum resources on our Learning Management System where students can study independently without having to attend daily classes.

Students work independently and take assessments when they are ready. The flexibility of our program allows students to register and start learning at any time during the year.

Our Online Homeschool is ideal for students who seek the flexibility to allow them to pursue their other interests and talents while still studying towards this International qualification. All that is needed is a computer, tablet or laptop and the pressure of attending school is removed and these children can live out their dreams.

Saving Grace Homeschool has structured our resources in a way that makes learning appealing and easy to understand for students thereby minimising the need for parental support. Our learning material comes in a colourful and visual content which makes learning more understandable for our students.

If students have a question for your teacher they are able to ask their teacher immediately via the platform messenger and receive an answer that day.

What is Online Homeschool


  • Online Homeschool is Cambridge Online Homeschooling – Pre -Recorded Video Lesson By Qualified Teacher
  • Access detailed course outlines, multi-sensory videos and interactive lessons available 24/7 on mobile, laptop, tablet and PC. All learning material is created by full-time professionally trained teachers.
  • Students get access to our Learning Management System which contains the full curriculum for their academic year divided into Term 1, 2, 3 and 4.
  • Students will received termly planners which indicates topics to be covered in a specific term, assessments to be done after completion of the study material.
  • Assessments can be done at your own pace when student has completed the work
  • Students can enrol for some or all subjects
  • Submit your assignments and mock exams via the platform and get personalised feedback.



  • Our entire Online Homeschool curriculum is create by our expert, experienced teacher whose passion for their subject is matched by their motivation and energy to see every pupil succeed.
  • Our dedicated pastoral teachers are always available to support learners in whatever way best suits the individual and our school leadership team are always on hand for guidance and advice.
  • We offer our students the best and most qualified Online Homeschool Cambridge Curriculum create by our teachers, no unwanted distractions, no bullying or intimidation, state of the art technology, the largest archive of Pre-recorded video lessons by qualified Cambridge teachers ,easy catch-up and targeted revision.

No other Homeschool Online Learning can boast this.


All your child needs is a laptop and a WiFi connection to enjoy our classes.

Perfect for on-the-go families who need flexibility or for parents who have chosen to not take their kids back to school due to COVID 19, for parents who want to Homeschool their children.

Our Online Homeschool is also perfect for families who may be anywhere around the world but want their children to be on the CAPS or CAMBRIDGE Curriculum.